The CAD eValuator is the world’s only two-handed interaction application that has tactile feedback. This immersive 3D reach and ergonomics evaluation application allows users to assemble complex objects by snapping them together. The user can not only rotate objects in this physics enabled environment, but can also rotate the viewpoint.

The CAD eValuator supports the process of importing native CAD objects from many major formats (SolidWorks, ProE, AutoCAD, etc.), configuring those files in a 3D scene, and then experiencing the scene from a first-person point of view. You position objects as you would in the real world simply by grabbing them and putting them in the desired position. Once the scene is configured, it can be written to disk for evaluation in first person mode for such qualities as comfort, reach, and workflow. Using a pair of CyberTouch’s, the user will experience tactile-feedback when interacting with objects in the scene.


  • CyberGlove and CyberTouch support with natural left and right hand models
  • Two-handed tracked viewpoint navigation to visualize and plan your workspace
  • Two-handed tracked object manipulation to configure your workspace
  • Two-handed tracked 1:1 interaction to check reach and ergonomics of your workspace
    • Configure and export your scene for later use with new subjects
  • Support for multiple display configurations:
    • Standard 2D monitor
    • 3D monitor or TV
    • Headtracked with 2D or 3D monitor
    • Headtracked and headmounted (e.g. Oculus Rift)
  • 3D in-scene toolbox floats over your hand
  • Collision detection with vibro-tactile feedback
  • Individual user calibration
  • Physics governs scene elements
  • Multiple CAD and real-time format import via Akino Graphics Polytrans


Applications / Plugins

The CAD eValuator is a fully immersive 3D reach and ergonomics evaluation application, driven by a pair of CyberTouch articulated data gloves. Applications can be customized for a variety of industries:

  • Product Design
    • Designers can use this tool to evaluate the feasibility of a new product.
    • They can grab the product in the scene using their hands, closely look at and evaluate the features which will help them make decisions about redesign.
  • Ergonomics Evaluation & Training Tools
    • Operators can be immersed into custom virtual environment like an airplane cockpit for evaluating reach and ergonomics.
    • They will be able to perform simple tasks like operating controls or assembling objects that can be very helpful for training novices.
    • Haptic feedback is available to enhance the user experience.
  • Military
    • Ergonomic evaluation of fighter jet, military tank cockpits, etc.
    • Another application can be to allow members of the bomb squad to train dismantling different types of explosives.
    • This could be further expanded to include firearm training, such as assembly/disassembly or repairing and fixing aircraft, vehicles, and equipment.
  • Medical
    • Perform pre-surgical inspection using a virtual 3D model of a patient, allowing surgeons to quickly and easily diagnose and outline procedures
    • Use for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from degenerative disease or stroke  
  • Automotive
    • Evaluation of car dashboards and seating.
    • Training and familiarizing a novice driver with all the controls
    • Design, create and assemble a new engine
  • 3D Printing
    • Design and evaluate objects before printing to save time and material costs